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Our Mission

Providing a free-of-cost platform for access to certified counseling, SoulMitr aims to extend quality Metal Health Care to individuals seeking guidance for various concerns in their day-to-day life. Our goal is to reach out to and help as many people as possible and impact them positively. We also aim to penetrate and create significant awareness and impact within the roots of the country, rural India. We believe access to basic mental healthcare is very important irrespective of the socio-economic background.

How does Soul Mitr help you?

People of any age can call the “SoulMitr” IVR helpline which is managed by youth volunteers. It has a team of qualified and experienced empanelled Mental health professionals or “Soul Mitra” who are regularly trained, upscaled and supported with data & research to equip them to help people of all backgrounds. YOU CAN converse on any concerns related to emotional mental health EMW (Emotional Mental Wellbeing) like anxiety, depression, anger, grief, loneliness, career issues etc.

Our Counsellors

Licensed counselors from across the country volunteer with us to make quality Mental Healthcare accessible to people from all walks of life. Our counselors are tirelessly working around the clock to not only deliver the best Mental Health Services but also to provide it consistently.

An Initiative By...

“SoulMitr” is a humanitarian initiative of Sri Sidheshwar Tirth (Brahmrishi Ashram), Tirupati. The main motto of the organization is to LEARN to SERVE & ASPIRE. Gurudev believes service to humanity is the best work of life. One must live their life with the value system of LEARNING, EARNING AND RETURNING IS WAY OF LIFE. Mostly all initiatives of the organization are given free, as it’s priceless and valuable. Looking forward to serving with care and love unconditionally.

Sri Sidheshwar Brahmrishi Gurudev

Brahmrishi Gurudev is a rare soul, steeped in the mystic knowledge, realization and powers of ancient Yogic sciences. His exceptional spiritual potency can help those who meet him realize their inner energies and attain the glorious path of Righteousness. His selfless benevolence and benedictions have benefited many in the past. His deep and intense knowledge and study of yogic wisdom has made him a transparent medium of divine realization. His strict Yogic dedication and meditation has awakened the energies of the 7 mystical Chakras of  kundalinis lying dormant in every human being to their  maximum capacity. A mere glance by him at a disciple is enough for him to know of the past and the future of his soul. 

The sadhana or intense penances carried out by him have rarely been attempted since the ancient times. Such is the fruit of his near impossible sadhna that he has attained unimaginable powers and is truly a living apostle on earth of the current age. A master beyond compare and a Yogi like no other, he is verily the visible incarnation of the mystical powers sought by all enlightened souls in all traditions and cultures.

The true possessor of Asta(8) Siddhi (Super Natural Divine Powers) and Nava (9) Nidhis (Divine Treasures) as mentioned in the holy Scriptures, he is beyond all forms of earthly definitions. His sole mission is to uplift his believers selflessly and unconditionally. The human soul is ever thirsty for knowledge, relief, inner joy and peace but remains perplexed due to the bewildering quagmire of make-believe and escapist solutions. If you seek to change the course of your destiny, in you seek to get answers of all the questions that remain unanswered in your life, if you seek a life full of contentment and happiness and want to find real solutions to your problems that have remain unanswered till now by all that you have seeked help from, then do not wait for any longer as your good times invite you  with open arms in the form of Shri Sidheshwar Brahmrishi Gurudev. If you are ready to walk half way, Shri Brahmrishi Gurudev is welcoming and will go the distance to bless you. The true Ambassador of Non – Violence and peace and profound propagator of live and let live way of life, is a saint beyond compare who has descended upon this earth not to attain anything but to give away everything in his divine powers to uplift humanity to it’s greatest heights. If you are willing, the answers are all there in your first meeting with him itself. Come and be ready for an amazing and unbelievable journey which is unconditional love for unconditional believers by the powers that can change both your direction and conditional with just his gaze!

Our Team

Priya Sankhla

Youth Coordinator

Priya the catalyst, says it all. She is a YouTube Vlogger, a speaker who helps to catalyze one’s life by conducting personalized one-to-one sessions and group workshops for her audience. She works with people to strengthen and elevate their Consciousness and believe love starts from self-love, first. 


Youth Coordinator

Mayank Solanki is an educationist with expertise in Values, Life Skills and Social Emotional Learning. He works extensively to bring innovative and impactful wellbeing based initiatives to the education system.

Sourabh Jain


Youth Coordinator

A entrepreneur by profession but a pure sevak by choice, Sourabh loves doing whatever he can to make the lives of the people who cross his path better than he met them. Living by just one motto, “Everyone and Everything is Important”, he believes in giving equal importance to both work and play.

Board of Mentors


Senior Consultant

Anuradha Ghorpade has accomplished her BA (Psychology) from Woman’s Christian Collage,Chennai & a Masters with ( Medical & Psychiatric Social Work from TISS ( Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai). Having a very rich & extensive experience of about 30 years. Worked for adults with special needs in their vocational training & placements. Rural health & mental health awareness camps. Yet most part has been in the area of HR services & career guidance at all levels.  Enhancing interpersonal skills , understanding behavioural patterns & working on living life at its fullest is her main motto. 


Senior Consultant

Someone who has grown up in and around joint families, Raja Rajeswari is very interested in the wellbeing of individuals and families, especially in the area of emotional wellness. While she has dabbled in counselling for the last 10 years, she is a full-time counsellor and life coach from 2015. She is also a trained Geriatric counsellor and has interned with hospitals and worked with individual clients focussing on emotional wellness.

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